This would be fun to do again, probably rewarding too

“FOG” – I’d prefer that.

Just trying to understand these Meds – a good deal of North Africa is Arab-Berber – if the above is true they could be salvageable? So few Jews live there, maybe they could use the help of other “Euros” and we wouldn’t have to live in our merchantopolises.

One gene that connects a lot of these people to varying degrees

The French used to think of Algeria as part of France. That’s part of why the Algerians are so anti-semitic, because they see Israel’s influence as similar to French occupation.

Those were the days, the Jews probably see our countries like this

I wonder if there was ZOG then too? Or was the Euro spirit snuffed out after the world wars?

Did we ever really leave some of these places?

Not to say some of this wasn’t grassroots.

It seems that at least our interventions in the Middle East were a result of us being occupied ourselves (Israel lobby, Holocaustianity, etc.) and then occupying them. Whereas it isn’t clear to me yet whether the French occupation of Algeria for instance had much Jew involved.

Maybe you’ll catch my drift if I put it this way

French Algeria, Jewish America. Feeling like an Arab-Berber yet? Not a good way to be, no offense to the Arab-Berbers (unless).

I try not to be like Shamir who converted to Christianity from Judaism because he believes in equality with goyim. There’s probably reasons why the French were able to make Algeria such a prosperous place. The question is, are the Jews actually improving the country here? Because I don’t think they are whatsoever.

My initial thought in this post was, “I’d like to improve their education system and stuff in Algeria like the French did.” In other words, I don’t have the thought in mind to exploit them to their disadvantage. And it seems that’s what’s happening in the present US.

We felt so bad about occupying those countries, and then one of the craftier “Euros” decided not to feel bad, rather they decided to occupy their countries instead. This could all be designed for all we know. ZOG existed to some degree prior to the world wars, it was only after those that they strengthened their hold.

I saw this on wiki and I just love to see it

People just decide to do that. “America’s independence”. We’d be better off. Like I’ve said, do it on Leninist grounds even, I don’t care. Use the thought-experiment of the French in Algeria. Suppose that the Algerians were getting too smart for their own good (whatever that means, outside of hellworld) so the French decided to sneakily and systematically make them not too bright so they could continue their occupation. Would you consider those good people, rightful stewards? Seems like that’s all the reason you’d need to kick those French out of there if they started doing that.

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