“I need to live a certain way.” I see life most fundamentally as death-bound, and thus time, every moment taking on ultimate significance, and those moments being most significant when the dialectic of knowledge is most rapid. I don’t get that in my life. And given that I’m going to die some day, I really don’t like that I don’t get that in my life. It makes me want to have conversations with the highest echelons of the cathedral, the ones that you don’t see in their surface products. Even if I hate them they’d be useful to me, and possibly the most valuable time I could spend before I die. These are the ones that could potentially write one of those “PDFs” I speak of and they could possibly want to be silent in order to keep their plans smoothing flowly, or my main suspicion don’t know how to respond, or don’t see talking to people like me as worth their breath. Is that a rationalization for not knowing how to respond? Maybe. Let’s just put the fact on the table that there’s a certain caste that is my enemy that has an esoteric side. This would be the most interesting conversation to me, and the most valuable use of my time. Imagine if bluechecks had a fair talk instead of blocking for instance. If they could just get over themselves we could make our time more valuable. Because talking to those you agree with about everything all the time is nice too, one does need that, on the other hand, I expect that if I could hear the cathedral speak without any of its obfuscations and noble lies then I’d hear something interesting that I might not have heard before. This is the reason for human existence in my opinion. You’re supposed to be having a fair discourse in order to get to a better understanding. And don’t kid yourself if you want to tell me that you respond directly to the kinds of things I say. 99% of the time I see people create distractions from what isn’t allowed to be said. This is not how I want to spend the precious time before I’m below the earth in a coffin. “Hehe we’ll just distract from this very post of his again.” Yeah that means that you don’t understand life, and you don’t understand that you’re going to die, and that the refinement of knowledge is one of the central goals we have here on this planet. If you want to know more about my meaning here, recall this post. You pretend the dialectic isn’t rigged. No, all you can do is create distractions, and remain in stagnation. This is not how you want to live before you die. We want future generations to have the height of knowledge so they can take it further than even us. What the censor-police of the volunteer mossad do is perpetuate stagnation. I’ll give you a hint- begin a premise with 109, and maybe I’ll get the impression I’m speaking to a real human being and furthering knowledge.

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