Happy Hanukkah.

“Happy Hanukkah!”

What have you been up to, having a festive time?

“Fantasizing about you fucking a mischling into me and putting an end to my wretched line!”

You finally figured out the only way to escape the mindset of eternal exile, huh?

“Put on a Nazi uniform and abuse me, I have a slew of undiagnosed mental illnesses and I LOVE to be ABUSED!”

No, I’m not going to indulge you, Esther.

Huh, I didn’t know that this writer was one of yours. I wonder if this is a symptom of anything?

Just trying to understand you. It isn’t a coincidence that it’s normal for women to be whores these days while you control the screens, capital, and thus belief-system here. “I’m a strong independent woman, not a prostitute in a global jewish brothel!”

Just trying to understand how you got the way you are. That Korean has an interesting theory dealing with the galaxybrains of your people

The Atheistic side of your people started then? This isn’t necessarily bad- Maimonides was an Aristotelian. There’s a “natural law” atheism, then there’s a nihilistic atheism. There’s a good reason that philosophers throughout the ages have been persecuted- did Jews simply misunderstand Maimonides? Should’ve stuck with the Torah? Rambam and Kabbalah for the elites, Torah for the humbler Heebs? Today none of the three seem to be present. Rationalism, mysticism, theology, those rarely exist among either jews or goys. Maybe that’s the origin of our present-day failedstate of whoredom and merchantocracy? Aristotle destabilizes the Torah, Maimonides tries to reconcile Athens and Jerusalem, seen as too Athenian, a religious impulse arises in the form of Kabbalism, never-ending back and forth squabbles between the two sides, until today when we’ve settled on a corrupt version of both? When you see past the lies, Israel seems to be a “second chance” after the millennia of Jewish nihilism, so it’s good there are more religious Jews there than the US. Meanwhile we’re here with these ones that propagate anti-religion. Maybe you all need to go back to these old debates and figure things out? Of course you won’t, you’re too conceited, the sure sign of an inveterate atheist. So what, you don’t believe that morality exists? If your mind is too poisoned by pseudo-rationalism to believe in the obvious reality of morality, then you might have to understand it pragmatically. Remember those Hakkas? Those are going to be the ones ruling us all if we do not return to morality and some sort of religion, whether grounded through faith, mysticism, or natural law. Because when there’s no morality in a society everything turns to chaos. People don’t have meaning in life, they don’t care about their work, they don’t care to reproduce – sound familiar? We live in a consumerist whorehouse where a self-centered minority makes mad bank off the hedonism and lowbrow entertainment-information industries. Meanwhile the bulk of the population suffers from depression, anomie, atomization which they try to distract themselves from with said industries. Dopamine “rations” from fake friends on social media. Fleeting sadistic elation from inconsequential political maneuvers in the DC puppet theater. “Haha, MY puppet did something marginally OK this time against YOUR puppet, feel the pain!!” French Occupied Government? No, they’re part of the same malaise. The Hakkas will do a better job than THIS. What is this smoking ruin we all have to live in? Who’s responsible? “It’s Aristotle, blame the goy blame the goy!” Going back to Aristotle, going back to Kabbalah, that would probably help things. -you, pouting like a toddler- “I have some mind-numbing to do on Netflix! And if that gets old, I have some vulgar zoglings to mindlessly scroll through on Jack’s content farm.” What’s even more saddening to think about it is the next wave of youngsters, it’s going to be even worse for them probably. Lowerbrow entertainment, more blatantly corrupt politics, more hackneyed down syndrome conversation.

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