Look at these sneaks

Who knows what kinds of Mandarin characters they use.

I linked to the first volume of this study before, this is from volume two. It’s a refreshingly academic-style format that details the opium trade. While all the livejournal&etc. articles I’ve found taken together are better, it’s nice to find a book that doesn’t seem “state-owned”. I’m still trying to find that Chinese book that hasn’t been translated into English yet, Currency Wars, which seems like it might fall under a similar category.

If you understand one of the reasons why we’ve been in Afghanistan – opiate farming – you can see the origins clearly with these people

See, not a standard academic book. Just before this it notes that the Sassoons were previously in Spain before the Middle East. 1492 expulsion, David Sassoon is born in 1792. Just for shits and giggles I google “afghanistan poppies 1992”

Someone has to collect names for “the list” here, and the Sassoons reveal many connections

David’s grandson Joseph married a Gunzberg. No, not that Joseph Sassoon who wrote this

Multiple Josephs, multiple Davids. And these of course aren’t new names either.

Hypergenealogically speaking, it began in the Fertile Crescent. It starts with growing food, and eventually usury developed. “I’ll give you this stock of grain now, and you better give back 20% more next harvest.” And before you know it, certain people are farming in debt and others are writing books about how those farmers are their natural slaves. And there’s still a fertile crescent to this day

Not just in those places- North and West as well.

“Who do you think you are? We’re the rightful overlords of this earth.”


I’m telling you dude, if Goebbels had internet…

1953 coup? Those are rookie numbers. This bank of theirs lasted in Iran until 1930.

Not surprised to find this

The 1979 Iranian Revolution is probably the closest model to what we need to do today in our own country. Keep burning down shops over jungle foragers having 80 IQ and blaming whites for it though instead. Jews impose Equalism on the plebs and then operate with Jewish supremacy, stop being gullible.

Isn’t that just a crime- the bankers (and drug-dealers?) of Iran were expelled in the 1820s only to manage to return to set up a new bank in the same century! And they’re still trying to weasel their way back to controlling Iran today. No I don’t directly care about the Iranians, I find parallels and “solutions” studying them. HSBC? Same weasels at work. Drugs, usury, bribery of our government, funding of propaganda to keep their “businesses” running as usual. Convincing people to love their opium…

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