Remember, there’s lots of justice involved. As revenge for WW2, white men are regarded as Hitler, for trying to disrupt their banking system which relies on sitting around and collecting other people’s intellectual labor (remind you of anything now, Jew?) “We only think of things ourselves, we don’t sit around lazily.” So go on and clarify why you need your own state now. And why we should want to murder Syrians for disagreeing with you. Banker trash. “We bribed you to tell us we deserve a state.” Yeah I’m aware, and that’s all it is, Without your bribes you are possibly the worst race that ever lived. Who else can boast of 109? I noticed no one ever responds directly to that question. Have something to hide? “White men are hitler for telling us we should respond to these questions!” Sounds like a textbook kike to me. Want to scream in a gas chamber?

“No, I’m a perfectly balanced citizen in society.” Are you? You want to make sure white men who ask questions about you are banned from public discourse? Why is that? Are you hiding something? Are you a bad person? It does seem to be that way. What do you want to say my good jewish people? Want to admit something to me? Start a premise from the 109 and go from there otherwise you seem like you’re being your typical jewish self. Look at this kike. Wouldn’t you want to shoot it in the head? Every last one. They provide the bankers with support with words, so why spare any of those either? Give me an answer Jew, tell me about the 109 for once. You can’t? Are you pathetic or something? The answer is yes. Where’s the answer? So you’re pathetic. Conclusion. Nothing lost if you’re murdered. The world will be better without you. Unless you have a response? No again? So the conclusion is to shoot you after realizing your life doesn’t matter and in fact that your death matters more.

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