It’s your first day working for Syria’s version of the FBI. You close your locker, you see yourself in the mirror. You’re wearing a janitor jumpsuit. Would they trust Americans to work for them?

I talked yesterday about irreversible conditioning since childhood, I doubt I’m unscathed by that either. The way Dugin talks about Americans sometimes I’m going whoa you know me- individualist who likes freedom? Would we inherently be a subversive influence in places like Syria, Iran? It’s not like they’re “uncontacted tribes” over there, that one Persian Heideggerian knew the history of western philosophy as well as anyone. So two types of “fed” I’m isolating here- people with a genuine interest in helping the Syrians because we have a similar enemy who also betray traits of the typische Amerikaner, and then people who literally went to school to learn Arabic so that they could go there and be a mole deliberately. They’d be watching out for the latter, especially ones with the nose. Would they even expect the former? Maybe there’s a thriving few blocks in a city there where expats live? This is one of the more mysterious countries of the world given the bribers of the media’s interest in the place. “They’re not bribers, they’re funders.” Right.

Anyway, I want to learn more about the place. Probably years of bureaucracy before they trusted you enough for sensitive operations, intel. I was contemplating the rangordnung of Syria and Iran- seems like Syria is the weaker one given how invasive they are there. Whereas with Iran they have to use subtler methods. U scared? It does seem so. Iran is probably the main prize in the neocons’ eyes, and they’re just chipping away at the surrounding potential allies. The heart, the center of gravity, the final boss of the middle east.

Do you remember all the intel agencies working against Syria? Qatari, Saudi, Jordanian, Turkish, British, French, American, Israeli. Can you imagine why they might be “paranoid” about recruiting a foreigner? Note that any info about the place that civilians like us have access to is questionable. Only the intel agencies know certain things. And the Syrian ones know things that their enemies do not, and vice versa.

Here’s an older look at the situation to give you an idea of how convoluted it is

“ISIS” lol. I’ll leave you to entertain your own “conspiratorial” thoughts about that.

More recent

What they need is military strategists. I’m more of the type that wants to gather books and documents in case they’re defeated.

The war’s been going on for close to a decade now. Those two above images don’t tell you very much- look at this. I wonder if the “Warburgs” (perfect name, right?) bother with knowing much info, or whether they tell their mercenaries to do the dirty work, destabilize the country, install the puppet, scapegoat the “tyrant”, this isn’t our first rodeo, get the job done, get paid, I have other business to attend to. Did you click that last link? It might be better to settle for Iran, seems like a simpler place. Where there’s less chance of death, being tortured in a dungeon, etc. “Are you really unironically trying to figure out how to work for them?” It’s strange even to me that I find myself thinking about this.

It’s been fun putting together this Rubik’s.. somethin

Don’t these pigs make you sick?

Anyway, back to Babylon’s Banksters.

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