This is chilling

The creation of the Fed in 1913 extended the influence of the Eight Families into the military and diplomatic power of the US government. If foreign loans are suddenly unpaid, the oligarchs can now use the US Marines to collect debts.

What does the “right to bear arms” even mean if they control the military? The only chance we have is if the military defects on them. Every conversation is fluff next to this one. “So how are we going to use the military for our own purposes, against people living in our own country?” You’re not going to “talk” them into giving up their monopolies. The only valuable talk is that which leads to flipping the military into mutiny against international capital. “You’ve gone AWOL!” That’s right -shoots them in the head-


That’s the same question as How do we get the military to break ranks and betray their highest generals? Point A to Point B. Unfetter the military, storm skyscrapers and posh condos, utilize CIA know-how to track down “billionaire refugees” who try to escape overseas.

Okay, how do we do that? You’re kind of asking a fucking impossible question. My first thought is art. Media. We need to make this a viable option in the public consciousness. It’ll start as a joke when the lieutenant isn’t around. It’s like the one movie, i.e. the greatest “war” movie ever that hasn’t been made yet. Ha ha, yeah, that’ll never happen… It’ll start as a joke.

Remember Luttwak’s book on coups? The higher up we have “double-agents” in the military the better. Ketman, years, decades of subservience to zog officers, an arduous process of “discipline” that’s let call it. Yes, a man of high discipline, of high honor, just not in the way that they understand those words. You’d need to be the best of liars. How to feign respect for zionists with gusto.

They’re not going to be voted out. They’re not going to feel a “pang of conscience” and give up future generations of the never-ending power-trip that is their life, they want their descendants to see humanity as a boardgame too.

There are so many movies that glamorize bank robbery. That’s just prolefeed. I think people are ready for something more “formalistic”. Instead of using monsters and evil villains why not use the real ones in real life? “Yeah, we should make a movie about you.” Yeah because you’re a bankers’ bitch, that’s why you think I’m evil. One of the main reasons you find people like me to be evil is because of subtle or overt messaging in movies throughout your life to make you think like that. Woody Allen rubbing his shoulder – “ouchie”. That’s probably another designed psyop, that kike.

This site distracts me from the years of study that I need to devote myself to, whatever I’ll probably keep posting. Still need to read that book on the BIS too

Just saw Farrell note that there are those who write from outside the system and those who do not. This is what I suspect from this BIS book instinctively, that it was “funded”. So I find myself reading livejournal articles as well to avoid that.

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