Just trying to get a basic understanding of this, in the best way I know how

Watch, when I finally get fluent in Russian they’re going to “cleanse” Yandex of all the good sites.

So, there are two sides they don’t want you to know about

Don’t want you to know about Usury in Germany and the surrounding countries.

And they don’t want you to know about how over 30 years later there was a similar uprising elsewhere in the world that seems to have been effective. Pretty much all the world ganged up on the Nazis and beat them. If they could get away with it with IRAN, they probably would’ve coordinated that by now there too.

When you think of that example of parasitic ants that enslave other species of ants, you might start to understand why something like this could happen

Whether this was an invented spectacle or not, I do wish that it was real. I’d love to take walks even more if I knew I was walking on concrete like that. When are you going to accept me for who I am?? And don’t pretend you can’t relate- call them “capitalists” if that makes your sensitive nerves more at ease.

Anyway, just trying to find out now if they’ve reversed Iran’s Revolution over the last 40 years. Have many Americans even wondered “Maybe we should do something like that”? Probably not, Capital Media demonizes them in a similar way it does the Germans. You know that BIS central bank of central banks? If you managed to get vetted to be their bartender, would the thought cross your mind that it would be worth it to suicide-bomb them? If so, then you might understand some of those Islamic extremists, though they never seem to kill the highest targets.

I remember something weird from that Evil Paradises book

“How’d that get there?”

Arg-e Jadid is one of many Special Economic Zones they have

The aim of SEZs is to attract foreign investment. They began setting these ones up in the early 90s. I’m wondering if there’s anything shady going on here. This is a “Neo-Hitlerian” country, so I’m concerned about it.

What’s this one doing

Naftiran Intertrade Company limited (NICO) is a Swiss-based subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). NICO is a general contractor for the oil and gas industry. NIOC buys the vast majority of Iran’s gasoline imports. NICO is a key player in Iran’s energy sector.

I find this on a .ru site

Don’t you just hate to see this?

“Didn’t you already learn over thousands of years?”

Glad I can’t find Syria on here

This is how it starts

Oh please

They actually frame it that way? Rub your shoulder some more.

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