I relate to that rabbi Laitman because he talks about theological ideas without any evidence of irony-poisoning.

You are not allowed to talk about God in public, you’re only able to carry out Jewish conceptions of God.

I have no irony when I say these things, they’re real to me on a personal level.

We’re all mortals here. God is above us.

“Who are you to say that!” Who is anyone to say? Some claim they know, and I wonder why they have this elaborate censorship apparatus.

In some cases funnily enough they believe Marx is still in control of society, only playing 14D chess. Are you sure you aren’t just part of the bourgeois?

“I’m like those aristocrats the Marxists had killed.” Demonstrate that to me, so far I haven’t seen many signs.

Peasant people, peasant people who are used by capital to pose as middle-caste.

Just forget about all this political stuff though. Is God real?

You might have the unreflective impulse to shout Yes or No!

What is the actual truth?

You know the way I constantly criticize the rabbis? Something similar can be done to them as well. “Priestcraft” in general. Most people only focus on the Christian priests, and I don’t deny there are methods of trickery with them too, it’s just that one of these two isn’t able to be talked about in polite society so I tend to focus on the one who is demonstrating the most trickery of all.

I sense that people have a certain kind of “hesitance” about the word mysticism. Can you think of a better word? I’m always looking for one. People for centuries who resemble the political dissidents of today remind me of the people from hundreds of years ago who are labeled as mystics today. What would you prefer? I believe God exists and that the human-civilization that exists today is something he would judge and probably destroy.

“Yes, exactly, we need to destroy anyone who makes so much as an indirect remark against Judaism.”

No, God wants to destroy you, jews.

Accuse me of priestcraft why don’t you? God wants jews to die.

I’m not a priest, I’m the kind of person who wants to show you how they operate. The rabbis have gotten you to focus on others who aren’t them, they can do this because of millennia of questionable usury. “It’s the state religion”.

The real religion is getting away from the capital-controlled power and the opinions it’s created in the popular imagination that were created to make you more easily persuaded to accept being even more easily persuaded in the next life. -You, as half baboon in the future- “I love the bankers, I have no thought against them.” Evil rules the world, unethical frauds who gather finance and the robot genetics of the various bioleninists. Am I a “priest”, you tell me. If you keep thinking about God when you see the world, certain thoughts arise involving detection of depravity. There are higher powers than the ones who control the ones who have been in charge of finance and not much else for centuries. YHWH-Allah-God, there’s a divinity above even them. “So tell us what it is then.” I’ve already said what it is through telling you that you can’t answer these simple questions. You only can respond with distraction, you’re undeserving of the right to humanity, what a surprise from banker clans, collect capital, sit around, learn nothing, look who you are. I respect Rabbis, and Priests. I have a difficult time finding them today. Did you do this so that your brainless monopoly scheme could continue? What a pathetic person, even people who lived thousands of years ago see you as a moron who happens to horde exploited wealth.

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