Poor Trump, has to tweet election fraud instead of calling for the military to murder. “Get the goyim to make posts about it instead of doing anything that would sacrifice our life from the earth”. Have you ever given me a sign that your life is worthy of being sacrificed? “No, we only like bankers who extract a population’s wealth.” Whose? The way things are going you will only have half-niggers who can play basketball as your working class. Does this reflect you Jews at all? You do seem like half-niggers to me. What’s that, you can bribe people so they disagree with me? Alright kike. The best idea is to murder Jews indiscriminately. They continue to push this genocide of other populations in various countries throughout history. Why aren’t you included in the list, Jew? I want to murder you, what’s stopping me? “We’ll create bans so no one ever knows about the 109.” The 109? Who are you talking about sweet jew? Have anything to say? Or want to silence people who disagree with you? What a kike, you exemplify the description, hopefully nothing terrible happens to you.

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