I say I want White People to exist in the world, and for some reason I have all these people telling me that the ones who invented most things and have blue eyes and thus don’t look like disgusting garbage need to die, it’s weird. Do you have brown eyes, anon? Are you a disgusting person? It might explain why you act the way you do. You’re the trash of mankind. Then certain blue eyed ones feel bad for you. That’s how this works, call it ZOG if you want. Capital is in control on one level, the ones who aren’t– There’s no talking to you, you’re owned by capital or not. “Why didn’t you get that capital instead of them, huh?” That’s the most ignorant question to ask which reveals who you truly are. We have only cared about understanding the spiritual realm. The kikes have only cared about controlling the financial realm. They want to make us half nigger so that we can’t use the spiritual realm against them. “Haven’t you ever heard of nigger dick??” You mean the one that results in offspring that live in jungle huts without white people? What about Obama, or that daily show host. You mean those ones that read other people’s lines that were written for them? Because they were jungle savages and had to copy what other people said to give you the delusion that they were human? “What are you talking about goy? We’re all humans.” Are jews? Answer me that, centuries of not learning, only exploiting wealth from others. Do you think you are human in the present day? No, and you only want to make people like you, using wealth you didn’t deserve. I expect you to respond any time, poor jew.

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