This could be evidence of Russia’s sovereignty

According to some reports, military intelligence has 50 provincial offices and 28 offices in Damascus.

Talk about “magical soil”. It must be something about their version of Christianity, Orthodoxy. Whereas “we” post-prots are defending the holy land for the Hebrews. And then you can think of the different strains of Islam which are working to overthrow the Alawites of Syria.

It isn’t divided by neat religious lines. One would expect all the Muslims to be on one side, all Christians to be on one side.

My version of protestantism seems to see eye to eye with the Syrian Alawites and Russian Orthodox.

The actual “Crusades” lasted 200 years. Or is this another case of a war that never really ended?

Fertile Crescent, magical soil. We’re all affected by it, whether we believe it’s magical or not. It’s the UR-land. For Euro-peoples that’s more an alien concept. “Really, I thought Greece and Rome were the UR-lands?” I would like to know both the exo and eso reasoning for Russia’s presence in Syria. The only thing I have to go off of in that regard is Dugin’s statement that the land was “promised” to all Abrahamic Monotheists. Is the Torah like an ancient land deed or something, that people murder each other over the interpretation of? Sounds like it! You lunatics. Well you have me involved in this debate about magical soil so I hope you’re happy. I relate to the Alawites and Russians. The best minds of their countries were either eliminated or on the way to being eliminated by Jews. Same situation with white males in the US today. Installing a puppet in Syria is similar to if I was brainwashed into breeding with a Jamaican, just a moron version of myself in the next generation. Huh, I wonder what Harris represents? What an ugly bitch, they could’ve at least picked someone hot. And that wince-inducing ape-face reflects the soul alright. I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would be the kind of “protestant” to help Heebs and animist savages make sure no one is around anymore with the mental capacity to create a philosopher stone to destroy them. Farabian Muslims of Iran, Alawite Muslims of Syria, Orthodox Christians of Russia, they seem to have a more perceptive interpretation of history, being, theology, etc.

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