Some groups on the side of the Syrian regime

Mukhtar is an Iraqi Hezbollah. Lots of Iraqis are helping them if you click around on that link from yesterday.

Look who else is helping them

One Belt One Road is only going to cause more problems for “~us~” as the years go on

They don’t see them as the axis of evil, they just want to do business. “Crazy crusaders.”

Speaking of that, look at this

Fighting in a war against your real enemy, imagine that. Wait, those live in New York City. Eh this one’s close.

Scandinavian ZOG?

the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) replied that the Norway citizens’ participation in the foreign military actions could be punishable under Criminal Rule.

It’s “murder tourism”, is there a law against that in the US?

There’s another group not formally connected with Russia called Wagner PMC that is financed by plutocrats close to Putin.

They’re Orthodox in Serbia too apparently

I’ve also seen some informal connections between Belarusians and Syria. “Do you hear the call of the Crusades, Europe?” ahahahaha

Bored with your meaningless career in Weimerica, “we have a place for you”

Clicking the link, it gets weirder

A Syrian rebel group claims that it has ambushed and killed a group of Russian mercenaries who may have been working for a Chinese security contractor… The contractors appear to have been recruited in St. Petersburg by a company based in Hong Kong.

Secret meddling of the Chinese in the crusades of the people of the book?

Remember this guy? Ever wanted to get into a “legal” deadly altercation with a leftist? One of his snipers would probably mist your head off your neck

His motto is “Do for national security the same as FedEx does for the post office.”

What if I want to join the UPS to ship books to the US, you hide some landmines in the libraries of occupied towns?

This continues under a new form

I wonder if there are any dangerous books to find in some of these dangerous cities

“You’re not allowed to try to recruit teenagers to a sacred crusade.” Really? Show me the law against it.

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