Raqqa was the ISIS capital of Syria until the US cleared them out, and last year they rebuilt a cultural center there

They used to have 20 centers like this and “ISIS” burned them all to the ground. Zoglings are going “Haha you’re too late, and we don’t even care if the US created ISIS.”

Looks like you should have been more thorough

a library of books that we extracted from the rubble.

Apparently they’ve had lots of playwrights in Raqqa. Possible blueprints they wanted destroyed.

Here’s one by a living dramatist

“Shady” if true- reduce the country to rubble then sell them construction materials to rebuild it?

Can’t get more blatant than that, they set up shop a year before the civil war there started. They funded terrorists there too. “Nothing to build? We can fix that.”

They have new CEOs now

Lafont could pass as French, right?

The more you know

[The play] serves as an important reminder to European audiences about the roots of the current refugee situation.

This playwright studied in Damascus at somewhere called the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. I wonder what plays (scripts) they have there?

You see libraries, I see the destruction of Hollywood, and a means to jar the transcendental grounding of western consciousness.

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