Seeing that Dugin recently released a book on Evola, I wonder again if there have been theorists in Italy since the war who have developed his thought. It would be crazy to find a book like this except on Evola

(Probably before you even knew me this was the pedantry I was into.) Notice how Evola isn’t on this list. No surprise. That’s what being pedantic gets you- figuring out who isn’t on such a list and who should be.

Reminds me of something I recently read in that Babylon’s Banksters book

“Hoohoohoo hahaha” (unironically)

Something that might contain what I’m looking for

This looks like it approaches what I’m after at least

My Nazi followers are going, That’s a relief, an Italian, I really can’t relate to Syrians at all, at least with these WOPs I can somewhat.

Another one

Looking for a specific “genre” of books, thinkers, that do not demonize him, in order to recover the intellectual “axis” mindset.

Found the following on the Italian internet as well. Why is it that I never see this kind of “elitist rhetoric” except among Evolists?

I want to live on a patch with people who are aware of these things. The rabble is real and if you do not hate them you are probably one of them!

Found an older bibliography on him where we might find kindred spirits

I don’t know what the situation was like after the war, how Satanic he was seen there, whether an underground society developed immediately in the 40s, what happened to his enthusiasts after his death, etc., we could probably learn from books like these.

Trying to harness MENA brainpower, trying to harness Italian brainpower. Remember that was one of the first coups of the CIA, postwar Italy, so that’s not a good sign.

Only four pages of results for “Libri secondari su Evola”

The is interesting

Check out the secondary bibliography list on that! Evola stans have a lot they can click.

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