Found this guy on that page

Described as an Iranist and Indologist. “Evola doesn’t know nothin” – wouldn’t that be great to find? “I don’t need to find someone like that because I already say that myself.” OK Anglo-in-the-dark.

This is unexpected

At the end of the war 25 of the 38 divisions of the Waffen-SS were made up of foreign volunteer personnel, for a percentage greater than 50% of the total number belonging to that armed force.

I wonder if I have any MENA readers..

Imagine telling her she’s being put in a gas chamber. Oh we invite all kinds, we invite all kinds.

The origins of the volunteers were the most disparate both in terms of nationality and ideological extraction, as alongside volunteers decidedly convinced of the Nazi ideology there were also people simply opposed to Bolshevism, anti-Semitic fanatics, including many Muslims

My idea of diversity

What ever happened to that “self-hating Jew” stereotype anyway? It seems like I’ve only heard of it and never witnessed it? Is this a Type that is suppressed these days? “I’m not a self-hating Jew, you only flatter me by emphasizing the power of my people.” Wait a second, I thought you didn’t believe in race? Never mind. European women are similar, they secretly wish to be praised as the most beautiful and they see affirmative action as unjust.

“That is just, you jerk!” Uhh…. Is it just to normalize that? To normalize this skull?

This girl was the only baby to be born and raised in the radioactive region of Chernobyl after the disaster, WYB?

This is possible

Possible. Likely the kid will be a genius?

You can risk it if you want, for “justice”

I wonder why all these people and more decided to fight on the side of the Germans – “it’s an ethos”

“You’d kill me too since I’m a retard myself.” – If you’ve been following me for a while are you so sure I’d think that about you if we actually talked? “Yes.” So why are you here?

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