Why don’t you write “It’s good for retarded children to be born”? That’s what progs are all about, so I can’t understand why they never say it explicitly. Just write that, what you try to subtly bring about. “I want retards living on the earth in the future.” Write that. What’s stopping you, your own retardation? Down syndrome face, the one reading this right now, is that what’s stopping you, retard?

“Retard Futurism is good” – so write that then. What’s stopping you? Ah yes you want to make sure you’re secretive about that, because you want people to forgive your own retardation. Look at you, retard. I have no forgiveness of you. “More retards like me in the future!” No thanks, you’re already people I don’t like being around enough, and you want people even dumber than you here? “YES! We’re the Retard Front!” So why does your life matter then if you want to make people stupid? -retard has no response, take 10,000-

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