Once you realize how much of a joke this sort of evaluation is

You start to wonder if non-academics, autodidacts around the world have a place where they muse about life outside of the restrictions imposed by the “free press”.

“What about Facebook and Twitter?” You aren’t seriously asking that are you?

Do these Saudis rant about whatever they want on there?

You ever see what their school textbooks are like in Saudi Arabia? You can’t take what you learn in school there onto twitter. This actually sounds like a good idea for the moderates of the west- still do business with them and at the same time teach your kids what to watch out for. The camel-riders are ahead of us in some ways, you can keep denying it or not.

Anyway, LiveJournal is popular in Russia, and I wonder if there is a version of that in other countries

This is a top ten most popular sites map. I don’t know how accurate some of these are, I just use them sometimes as a springboard to get some idea amidst all the chaos. I’d like to find some non-US forums on the kinds of thinkers that I talk about. Tunisian bloggers? Imagine you’re some kind of professional in Italy and it’s too PC to try to implement ideal policies so you start a livejournal about Evola, that’s what I’m looking for in general. “Freedom in Germany” that’s a laugh, some of them must need an outlet. I just typed Guenon and the original title of one of his books plus the word wordpress onto a French engine for instance and I’m finding lots of sites. If the academy, news, social media is controlled, Russian LiveJournal sites have shown me lots of signs that you’re able to get away with a lot there (though some pages are banned). Are there some Libyan LiveJournalists who know more about ZOG and what we call “Cathedral” than we do? I’m trying to find people like this.

Look at the date on this article, good sign

Farabi pretty much sets it all, and if you can find people who apply his thought to the present-day, and free from the apparatuses of the state…

Certain academics in MENA too, who knows

You never would have guessed this about any of these places based on how they’re portrayed to us now

Ha this found on Yandex isn’t good at all

near Tehran, police found the body of Iranian cybersecurity chief Mojtaba Ahmadi… and the case itself resembles a classic “spy murder.”

Do they kill Farabians, theorists?

The methods of the Mossad, the CIA and, to a lesser extent, MI6 increasingly resemble the military. The situation has changed. The polite, gentlemanly era of the Cold War is over.

Here’s an article from 2006 that might answer that question

Almost reminds me of the KGB or something, I wonder why

Going to look for more thorough lists.

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