Just a snapshot of the kinds of Iraqis they killed

WMD… No, they were just trying to destabilize the country, and they did.

There’s an alliance of about 40 Iraqi militias that arose after the destruction of their country to help the Syrians avoid the same fate – it’s a continuation of the Iraq War in Syria

It would be one thing if they targeted nuclear scientists exclusively. What I’m finding here are agricultural and medical scientists, people in the humanities, professors of literature and theology who were shot and bombed. Almost 20 years later and I’m just now learning about this. Agriculture specialists, why? They wanted to starve the population? People are more pliable when they’re starving, what are you a beginner? Just like the KGB did? Winner winner chicken dinner. Not like this is anything to joke about. Millions of people dead, because of an ancient book? And it’s continuing to this day in the country next door? With red white and blue flags representing the murderers?

You scrolling through that list? What is it about the agriculturalists? Just saw a doctor of honey production was killed. “We don’t want you Iraqis having sweet things!” I wonder if any zogchow corporations are operating there now?

Interesting wording here

I’d try a recipe written on a 4000 year old tablet. I see one for lamb stew I want to try. Anyway, just trying to find connections to their food sources these days, expecting “Monsanto” or something, and the internet isn’t much help so far.

An Egyptian scientist was killed for theorizing the “Khazar thesis”

The main reason for his murder by the Israeli special services is that he was one of the first to expose the lie that modern Jews are the descendants of the ancient Israelis who left Palestine at the beginning of our era.

From an article mentioning Psi studies

We can probably guess why economics professors of all people would be killed

“We’re only going after the nuclear scientists.” Sure you are.

Scrolling through all the different intellectuals they killed in Iraq, I get the profound sense even more than usual that the KGB is alive and well.

Agriculture, medicine, economics, education, they only wanted to destroy their society. I also count 14 political scientists on that list. I wonder if they have extant works?

It reminds me of Bloods vs. Crypts ghetto lawlessness over there during those years – and remember, all we knew about it was “tErRoRiSm” – and it wasn’t the Arabs starting all that. Goys are goys to them too, that’s the chilling part. They treat the US like Iran, using subtler methods to destroy the country. Total criminals, and most people apologize for them.

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