Thinking of the examples of the much more thorough German wikipedia page for Jünger and Italian wikipedia page for Evola,

Egyptian Arabic wiki? I wonder if that’s less curated than other languages? 2.1% of 55,424,415 is 1,163,913 articles.

I look up Alfarabi on the Iranian wikipedia, and see the difference?

Now this is the English version

758,000 Persian pages. This might be a way for us to understand their world in this time when their internet isn’t up to date. Have you scrolled around on Obnoxious. You can find some gems though. 1,659,000 Italian pages that probably can link you to other extra-wiki pages in the endnotes. You know Giovanni Gentile for instance, the one who invented the doctrine of fascism, Mussolini’s key intellectual who the commies killed in 1944, whose books haven’t really been translated into English? His page is more convenient than the one. Oo you know my robotic patterns by now, I wonder about the cinema pages for these foreign wikis too. Hacking teh internet one day at a time.

Heh, the Iranian page for usury


I was using yandex for this before, it might be more convenient to use arabic wiki

Seems more thorough, like that Alfarabi page.

“Who cares, it was probably all written by the Saudi secret service minions.” I’m sure it isn’t perfect, at least isn’t in the standard ZOG language (English).

The Syrian cinema page is so much more thorough.

It looks like one of the most significant factors about these alt-wikis is the weird links at the end of the pages that are all collected together, since their engines are so shoddy. A step in progress has been made today.

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