Never expected to see a bank as a philosopher’s stone, or a mystical institution

On the one hand, over the past years, a truly historic breakthrough has been made after the 1979 Islamic revolution in the modernization and privatization of the Iranian banking system, its adaptation to international standards. On the other hand, the banking sector, more than other spheres of the economy, was directly hit by Western sanctions, as a result of which the role of the Central Bank of Iran was noticeably politicized

In the context of the idea that Capital is King, their central bank could almost be seen as their central mosque.

Through a Christian lens, you can look at the Iranian bank as a Lutheran reformation. The western world is Catholic, and they’re trying to eliminate Protestant heresy. Of course their usual narrative is that they represent the vanguard of progress, i.e. they want you to see them as the backward “catholics” who won’t reform.

If we think of our banker clans in political terms, they seem to represent a multi-century dynasty.

Your moment of formalism for today

So, they try to instill the idea in our and Iran’s mind that they’re a country that’s behind the times because they refuse to be subjects of the banker dynasty. “How primitive you are.” I don’t want to be one of their subjects, do you? Must be a reactionary.

I can never say enough that I don’t believe Iran is right about everything, they’re just right about a few things. Many find this difficult. They think it’s either they’re wrong about everything or right about everything. No. The system we live in is evil, so if it seems them as the enemy then it’s probably a good sign that we should try to understand exactly what it is that infuriates them.

Part of it is economic control. Ideological control is linked to that. The beliefs of the Quran buffer against capture by their economic methods. That’s why they’re one of the last strongholds. See the problem the zionists have? In order to control them economically they FIRST have to control them ideologically, and they can’t do that when the Quran is believed in. And FURTHER, if they want to control them ideologically, they first have to control them economically.

They’ve put sanctions on them for forty years, so that is a version of economic control. Slowly slowly weakening them. This impoverishment “primes” them to more readily accept the subliminal messages they see on non-iranian satellite TV. And sadly like I’ve said before, it seems like it’s working, I keep reading about the continuing “liberalization” of their banking system. So, light economic control at first, light ideological control at first, to set them up for total economic and ideological control.

One of the most controversial things you can say is that their banking system is anti-semitic and that doesn’t seem like a bad thing. That you can’t say that is evidence of their total economic and ideological control. “They’re terrorists, they’re suicide-bombers!” Good luck getting over that conditioning, probably impossible for many. The extremists would have pretty good reason to be the way they are anyway, even if they weren’t a caricature of the media.

You can think about it in a speculative way that goes back to Sumer, about 4000BC. Islam began in 600AD. So, if some sort of usury was around in Sumer, it took about 4600 years before the “Lutheran reformation” of the Muslims. Then about 1400 years after Muhammad they had a new reformation as a remembrance of the original one that took place in the year 600. And they’re still dealing with these people who could accept neither their book or Christianity’s. It’s a form of the most close-minded conservatism in history that they try to play off as the vanguard of progress.

I wonder how we could even import something like this (without the military on our side) when they control congress, and voting, and public opinion, and… what a list it is

Here’s one tentative solution

What a miserable, fallen country this is, and most are content to do nothing about it, and even deliberately fortify the regime in place. Humble subjects of a dynasty that never deserved to be in control.

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