Even if I made another account and gave you a link to it, I’d be giving the feds the same link, so if they decide to delete this site on Jan 20 or whenever they’d probably delete the other one too and so on. People have secret discord channels where they can find each other after banning, so the internet will probably be fine, and that’s the one saving grace that I see, the internet. It’s the one thing they don’t have a monopoly on yet.

Just free speculation about the medium of twitter- You want to be able to talk about certain things so that normies with potential might see them and then realize how to break away. Is it still that? Just seems like stockholm syndrome. People who hate bluechecks decided that turning into a kind of bluecheck without the bluecheck is better than creating a new platform? I don’t know the psychology there, probably something to do with capital and survival (disavowed, note- disavowed).

Jack and Zuckerberg are like if the Gutenberg printing press was invented and then two people controlled what could be printed on it. An invention of pseudo-freedom.

“We finally can get any book to the people who have been oppressed for centuries!” And what do they do with it? Continue to make sure that anything that could pose a threat to the system is algorithmically banned. If you never get the sense that we’re still living in “medieval times” then their methods have been effective.

Anyway, I was reading this when I started thinking about the above, which I strongly suggest you read. If popular consciousness was aware of all that there would be a revolution. Just a livejournal post, nothing to worry about, it’s not in a shiny Yale press book. See what happened to Gutenberg’s invention? Something similar has happened with the internet. You still have people controlling what can be printed. Let me know about 109 sometime. It might as well be as bad as pedophilia to bring up 109. And yet, the main people involved with pedophilia throughout history have been the very ones who were kicked out 109 times. Weird! They don’t care if the economy collapses. They literally print money and then buy actual things of value with those pieces of paper like gold and diamonds so they can use them elsewhere without depending on the American dollar system. And they use that wealth that they didn’t work for in order to destroy more countries. Advice for you- if you’ve ever felt depressed in the US, there’s a good chance that the people who control the money and the screens are one of the major reasons for that. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, well at least we have life, right? Corpsecountry begs to differ. Whatever, just read that hyperlink if any life is left in you and start studying the various ideas it brings up, and let me know what you think. The notion that it’s a conspiracy is yet another iteration of “YHWH” that can’t be spoken of. They control money-creation, they control belief-creation, and subsequently they own most people’s souls. Their next step is to make sure they own 100% of souls.

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