Democracy and free speech are based on a kind of pride. When lefties criticize Trump they feel themselves to be his equal, and more, that they’re better than him. In Russia they might get poisoned for that. Thus the citizens there must have less a sense of self-worth. And that’s how I feel when I bring up these bankers, that when I criticize them I’m they’re equal (at least in a certain sense), and in fact that I’m better than them. What, sounds kind of like something out of a playground? I don’t think adults are much different, isn’t that how you feel when you criticize some politician, that you’re better than they are? It does give me a sense of self-worth to criticize the sorts of ghouls that I do. And I don’t think people have that self-worth themselves when they have to be quiet about them for fear of being “poisoned”.

The demotic-panopticon in my head always urges me not to say the name Rothschild. Why is that? What is it with you people, only able to name peons? Something to do with sublimity that reduces one to silence? Another affiliated name I recurrently see is Lehman, so naturally I try to find out if they’re cousins. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were all really close family? A veritable royal blood dynasty.

Don’t these scare-quotes say it all?

Certain leftists really tell themselves that the bankers and other plutocrats “surround themselves with the best people” in order to determine policies. They have trust and faith in this. Are you sure that their arrogance hasn’t led to an incestuousness? Why hasn’t the Rothschild girl reading this ever had someone step on her throat before? Aww. “They told me I had access to the most privileged minds.” A Princeton boy. Never went to Plato’s Academy. Poor Esther, I’m going to have to stab my Nazi friends in the back and laugh all the way to the bank with her. Yeah right, we know that only the dregs of society believe the Nazis’ side of the story is in any way worth listening to. Hordes of Mongols set fire to our villages and books, I guess that means whatever they say is absolute truth now. It would be better for the world for a banker to hand over his first-born daughter to me, oh well too bad. When a goy knows precisely the questions to render your best professors in your best universities speechless that can’t be a good sign for your merit in the real world of ideas. I’m sure no one’s ever bribed a Dean to insure that no one ever even thinks to ask such questions. And now we have professors who were students of those schools. Part of what I mean by incestuous. The inherent sloth in banker blood from generations of making money off other people’s labor must translate into the realm of thought if I had to guess. Certainly seems that way if they’re partly responsible for the ideo-material conditions of the present-day. Only someone who is “slow” in a certain way could lead us to this. Too much relaxing while others are busy around you, it made you vulnerable. The strictness of this censorship regime is a direct testament of that. Like I’ve said, if you could prove us wrong and get us to shut up that way you would have by now, so you have to desperately resort to tactics reminiscent of third world governments, I do like the suit though. The soul contained within does remind me of a clod of dirt, I have to confess to you. Anyway where was I, I think I might study more up on that clue I saw the other day about how in Poland they took over the minting system and eventually started putting their own faces on the coins. Whoa, you must have learned how to be sneakier since then, looking at the goys on our shekelbucks, which I don’t even like to handle because the touch of them reminds me of the millennia of irredeemable, repeated sin of the Jewish people. Maybe Sviatoslav will have a place on the new $10 someday. That would represent a triumph of religion more than anything. The economic control prevents us from religious refinement. We’re still living in accordance with the obsolete old testament, all because of greed.

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