Too eerie

This must drive the FRS-obsessed crazy.

Remember the Radhanites of Khazaria – approx 750-950. They traded with the Tang Dynasty of China who invented paper currency. I wonder if they learned any tricks from them?

So, Sviatoslav decimates their puppet kingdom and silk road scheme in the mid 900s. Boleslav IV of Poland gives control of the “proto federal reserve” to the same people 200 years later?

What were they doing those 200 years, counting their shekels? Nah that gets old, they must have wanted to increase them, no?

Europe in the year 1100 to give you some idea

These aren’t all from Khazaria directly. Kicked out of Mainz in 1012, kicked out of Paris by Philip Augustus in 1182.

If anyone has a quibble about the precision of any of this, I wouldn’t be surprised- like I said, they don’t make it easy to understand the facts.

So how do these instances of minting relate to the Fed? When you’re in charge of creating the coins, you ever think you’d have the thought to pocket one or two, maybe three or four, maybe five or six?

When most people are illiterate peasants (kind of like today) you ever think you could use your pious study of your sacred texts to be able to speak with a more nuanced and persuasive language? I know how to get your economy running smoothly, you can trust me. I’ve done this before anyway, before I was persecuted in the last country. I solemnly swear I won’t mint any coins on the side for myself alone. (Even if minting coins is such arduous work and I deserve some extra pay on the side hoy hoy hoy.)

What were you saying, Warburg?

We need to gib you Israel after a history of suffering! and persecution at the hands of the evil goyim! Nope, just more minted coins, and interest on those minted coins, funding propaganda to get us to believe that.

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