Day 100 of I love the Russians – the best sites are .ru – found a history of minting ebook

You know that trope of old-timey people biting a coin to see if it bends? I wonder who is responsible for them needing to develop that method?

I wonder if they even needed to use a precise scale, I bet they could determine down to the gram (milligram?) what a coin was supposed to weigh just by holding it. Distribute all the light coins to the goyim, and then once you flee somewhere else melt yours down, and refine out the scrap metal to be used in your next scheme. Without this slimy shyster behavior we wouldn’t have ever needed something like Bitcoin.

All this reminds me that I still need to find this somewhere, to genealogize Bataille

[Les Monnaies des Grands Mogols au Cabinet des Médailles] is only the second or third work to have been published by Bataille, who was then a curator of the French Coin Cabinet. It is then only that his celebrity expanded, for example with Histoire de l’oeil in 1928.

Even the on him mentions Story of the Eye first in the bibliography. Found in a French book referenced in an endnote on that page that he also wrote the articles «Notes sur la numismatique des Koushans et des Koushan-shahs sassanides (à propos d’un don de M. Hackin au Cabinet des Médailles)» and «la Collection Le Hardelay du Cabinet des Médailles». Speaking of Bataille, I need some derangement in my life, someone who isn’t me doesn’t know anyone with entheogens, I can’t think right unless I’m partially deranged. Anyway, all this to say that the Jews knew/know the ontology of currency so we either need to kill them or begin to understand it as well as they do in order to break free from the ideology they impose through their understanding of economics. That Farrell has a chapter speculating on the physics of finance, that’s one of his “conspiracy theories” that there’s a hidden science to it like Kabbalah in the economic realm.

Aha, starting at page 54 here if you want to know what young Bataille was contemplating. See, again, this line break in foreign texts, which garbles the auto-translation – there must be tek for this?

From another early article of his, a synchronicity

Wait a second… what about French secondary books on Sur Nietzsche?

The secondary lit on (sur) him is extensive, I see this at least

Warin calls Bataille “the madman of Nietzsche” – not wrong.

Wait, why would I look for zogbooks anyway, can’t find anything “mad” there

They’re both so irreverent to the Christian God and its simps – can you just take that one step farther back please?

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