This has to be significant for genealogy – порче of the coin

Especially often the rulers of Spain resorted to such accusations, over the course of four centuries, until the final exile of the Jews in 1492

Now from 1300-1600s London – times sure have changed

People guilty of high treason have the most power in the world today? It’s almost like there’s a connection between those two things.

Cladistically, they counterfeit history. They counterfeit the virtues of themselves, POC, women, etc. Are you creatures ever going to try being human beings someday or…? Haha I doubt it.

We’ll just have to melt you down and refine you, that’s all. What do you think we’ve been doing here all this time?

Anyway, it’s not just economic sense that it started with, it seems to have had its origin in a form of artistry

in the late Middle Ages, the quality of work of Jewish engravers and chasers was immeasurably higher than the quality of other local craftsmen. The coins made by Jews were simply beautiful

A beautiful lie, what else is Progressivism if not that? Counterfeit reality funded by counterfeit money. Fool’s gold, and you’re the fools.

Annnd they’ll only proceed to even more vigorously mint counterfeit coins as a response to all this.

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