I feel like I’m living in reality now studying the history of minting. A new clarity. Does this solve the mystery of the expulsions? The creation of money as the philosopher’s stone that’s used and misused to order society. Whoever controls the creation of money is at the foundation of control of the minds, and in that sense they are playing God.

That ebook I was drawing from leaves me in suspense, as it ends and links me to a book I have to order from Russia.

They were the minters of Cairo for centuries too. Minting a contaminated coin was what got them kicked out of the Ottoman empire. Is this what happened with the Sassoons in Baghdad too? Is this the main reason behind the infamous 1492 expulsion? Let’s put it this way- so far it seems that usury is only one side of the problem. There’s a connection between counterfeiting and usury.

Hmm hmm hmm, grind a bit of silver dust off onto a sheet of paper, fold it up, no one will ever know.

If their history of minting and banking were not concealed by the holocaust narrative I doubt we would let them anywhere near the banks of today, let alone the federal reserve.

So it’s not just usury, it’s not just usury and counterfeiting, it’s usury, counterfeiting, and obfuscation of past usury and counterfeiting. Less and less do I have respect for the banking dynasty. “Banking” is such a euphemism in the light of all this, no? It’s the use of undeserved wealth within a society of wage and debt slaves to gain further undeserved wealth and increase the debts and slavery-levels. If this was what Marx was talking about call me a Marxist. All those European inventors throughout history, that’s the kind of person I’d want running society. Not the “proles”. The exceptional human beings. Not the misers.

Turning the philosopher’s stone around on them

The SS authorities ordered the Jewish administration in some ghettos to organize a banking and postal service, the purpose of which was to exchange all the money the Jews had, replacing it with semi-fictitious banknotes.

They saw through their scheme that’s been going on for millennia. And people again today can’t see through it now.

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