I don’t advocate smoking, it’s just a vice of mine, I only want to examine ur-economics in an everyday phenomenological sense. The Norwegian next door knocked and asked me for “a” cigarette and I gave him two. There’s altruism involved here and a barter-type of egotism as well. There was a blizzard recently, I don’t want to be going to the store if I can just get a cigarette from someone nearer to me. I’ve been MKultraed to run a smoking ad, don’t worry about it. Anyway, while I admit that there’s a “barter” element involved in this, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I have no thought in mind to exploit him or something like that. I’m not trying to make him indebted to me so that he gives me more than I deserve. I wouldn’t ever even think that way. I relate to the stereotype of “Puritans” in this sense, like I’d feel guilty if I ever had a thought of using someone like that. I think “certain people” and, various subspecies of goy fall into this category as well, have no guilt at all, and they just want to use people for their own advantage. I’m not trying to act like the scion of virtue here, I’m just trying to note that there’s a difference in the barter mindset and the exploitation mindset. Something peculiar to Scandis, who nose? It’s part of why I see the left-alliance with the corporations as a joke, because they’re just aligning with the exploiters and calling it altruism. If I ever had a thought like typical (90% or so of) Jews I’d feel incredibly guilty and try to change my ways. And then in regard to POC and women, people interpret me as saying I want to exploit them. No, I’m just acknowledging their nature and seek to recognize them for what they are instead of pretending that they have the rationality of white males. You’d be happier being controlled, told what to do. Like I said, trust me or not, I’m not trying to exploit you by telling you this. “Eventually I’ll get a carton of cigarettes for free!” – that isn’t my thought in any way with this Norwegian, and after studying Jews for a while I have to infer that this is how they see the world. Just not good people. “Good people? That’s white supremacist!” So, bad people taught you to say that? Because they want to exploit you? Alright good, I’ve seen enough, and you wonder why I smoke.

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