Want a solution? People probably think I’m being facetious about this

Let’s ask our old “pals” if they have anything to say about this.

Remember I was going on about asteroid mining for a while, until I learned that’s not the most practical, and possibly not even the most lucrative option.

If you want to upset their monopoly, do you have any other ideas?

Space rocks have been colliding with the moon for billions of years, and not all of them disintegrate. We need a technology that can detect certain metals, where they’re most highly concentrated. From there, we could send robots to designate “property rights”. There’s pretty much no hope for the country or the people in it, so just throwing out ideas here. There are trillions of dollars on the moon, and while their value would decrease due to their abundance, it would still probably be enough to destabilize our “business as usual” economy. I’ve just been trying to “save outer-space from liberalism” and I doubt I will. At least I try. “They” will probably fund their excavation missions there with Bitcoin! 14 million tons of platinum group metals, what would they do with them? Same thing they’ve always done, use them to increase control and eliminate their opposition

Imagine if the Nazis had the same connotation as JFK as a “martyr”, that would definitely weaken their control. Never gonna happen, hopeless robots.

It’s only the conclusion that we live in a totalitarian regime that shifts my focus to absurd ideas like moon mining. Seriously, what other option do you see?

They were able to isolate thorium distributions

Any tek out there that can isolate this?

The NSA is going, Jee thanks for all the ideas over the years, my banker masters love them.

Scan the moon for concentrations of the most expensive metals, plant flags in those locations, or build moondust-castles around them, whatever, it’s going to begin eventually, people are going to start staking it out, so might as well have some reason to “prove” that you claimed it. By “you” I don’t mean a NWO goon. Too bad, that’s probably how it’s going to be.

Something like this

As usual, looking at Yandex images on these subjects is like a new world. Who more both alien and knowledgable than the Russians to tell us about things pertaining to space?

Americans sicken me so much, they never speculate on how to overthrow “them”, just trivial people.

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