Weird synchronicity- beginning Joseph Farrell’s next highly provocative book on bankers, I wonder if Yandex has any articles on him, and I find that used to teach at a theological seminary of particular type of Christianity

Orthodoxy. This is a recurrent theme I find. People in our general “tradition” who are against the established order. Prots were a mistake, caths were a mistake, if they led to this. When prots and caths accused each other of being the Antichrist over the centuries, it looks like both of them might have been right.

More of a view-from-above from Farrell

The real Antichrist uses all three for its purposes. And then certain Orthodox groups have been rendered too marginal to be much of a threat. Farrell himself has distanced from even that “Churchianity”. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that he went from Orthodox to the kinds of beliefs he has now. Study of ur-religion, Being, leads to the questions he asks. How far are PROTS from ur-religion rofl, not to mention the secular deviations. People who have no idea about reality.

Anyway that’s a master perspective- “You think we care about the Hyksos? We don’t believe in Judaism, we only use that to corral and motivate the troops.”

Just at a glance, this seems to confirm my suspicion, put in theological language

The Orthodox Church believes the Holy Spirit “proceeds from God the Father,” while for Catholics and Protestants, the Holy Spirit “proceeds from the Father and the Son.”

Orthodoxy also accepts Apocrypha as canonical scripture.

Veneration of saints.

If you forced me to give you an answer I’d say that a good portion of the problems in the modern world were caused by sola scriptura. The rabble left to their own devices. Because they thought they could eliminate the priesthood, and what happened was that other crypto-priests took over their theological impulses. A lot of the times this means the ones in control of capital. So, they think they’re “reading their sacred texts on their own” when the reality is that a new priesthood shaped their interpretation of those texts. And this is only to speak of dead generations, since secularism is predominant now. That seems to be part of how we arrived at secularism. Because if the rabble (controlled by exploitative pseudo-priests) reads on their own, then they won’t be able to fathom transcendence, they’re confined to mundane workaday reality, that the priesthood previously helped them see beyond. They need that religious power-structure in their life because their minds cannot intuit certain concepts without the help of a more specialized caste. And this same “power-structure” that is inherent in the human mind didn’t suddenly evaporate away, it was only co-opted by subtler, more sinister forces that, in my view, are representative of the Antichrist. Part of the trick is to make them think they’re independent, “sola scriptura”, and that is only used by evil priests of manipulation and greed. It’s a dreary, dire reality that exists today. The priesthood and God never went away, a new priesthood and a new god were formed, that are the opposite of a true priesthood, a true God. They control their interpretive faculties so anything you say against them will be seen as “heresy”. Let’s call it merchant-priests and the worship of a hedonism-god. This is what is “divine” today. In reality they’re living in Hell. That was always the point of the priesthood ideally, to prevent the rabble from living in a hell on earth. The new priesthood is itself a type of rabble that perpetuates its own hell on lesser beings. “Do you have a solution, do you have a solution?” Yeah and it’s too difficult for most to accept. That who they think of as their “friends” probably consist of this merchant manipulated hedonist rabble, and they should just never talk to them again, avoid any state-owned media, and if you have to suffer its presence do so with contempt. Whatever, have fun in hell, I’m back to learning about these bankers from a relatively pure source.

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