I frequently get the sense that many conspire to force me to watch sportsball. That’s where all the roads of “progressivism” lead. So what’s the result of this policy? We’ll be watching sportsball and we’ll be happy about it.

What kind of meaning in life is there devoting one’s time to raising sportsball players and sportsball watchers? I don’t see any meaning there. That’s just the best case scenario too, because the millions of latin america aren’t known for sports, actually they’re not known for much of anything. So I want lots of tedious spics around? To enjoy sportsball with? Please do show me how what goes for establishment leftism doesn’t lead to this, show me. I’d like to stop ranting, I just hate being around brown and black people because their conversation reminds me those kids from special ed classes, and sportsball makes me want to start accusing both white and black of being a sort of nigger too, if you want me to watch that mindless subhuman display of bread and circuses. So let me know, how do you retards justify to me why we should look forward to a future of sportsball and lowbrow conversation, let me know so I don’t have thoughts of ending your life.

I wonder if the fact that the goys didn’t really buy 9/11 in general led to the increase of wanting to make the population more mindless. All these people, they suspect something, we can’t have that, we need an obedient state to carry out our goals. They’re not farm animals to our liking, we have to steps so that they are. Sit through a sportsball game before you run your idiot mouth next time. That’s what you want ultimately. No sense of the future. Throwing, catching, running, no higher mental activity. “We’re already there now, we’re already dumber than dogshit!” Yeah I noticed.

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