I wish the spell would work on me, I really wish it would, it would make life easier

It doesn’t. I don’t recognize them as people worth listening to whatsoever.

rofl look at this one

YHWH himself is an “old coot”, a boomer, if not worse.

The primordial narrative is that it’s only ressentiment to say that they don’t deserve to tell you what to do. They’re the ones who tell you what to do, so you do it.

Most people, their brains are gone. They follow orders and don’t question it, without any thought. This is a subtler meaning of “debt-slave”.

“You owe us for all the suffering throughout millennia, you owe us a state.”

This strategy of “persecution” is not new, it’s been tried time and time again.

What do you think the esoteric euro take is on making “white supremacy” the devil in our times? It’s strictly bound up with the presupposition that Jews are the persecuted ones who are “owed”. Whites, being the Christians they are, take the blame for them, die for their sins, if you will. This itself is a type of puppetry, you mask the Jewish supremacy. This is supposedly because we owe them for the 109, that is implicit in our state religion even though no one mentions it, which is part of YHWH’s act. I don’t think we owe you, and it’s clear that if people knew about this hidden tenet of the religion, they probably wouldn’t think they owed you either. Cycles and cycles of brainwash, that’s how you made them forget about all those times where you were the same type of despicable person that you are now. Time and again, and I don’t fall for it. If anything, you are my debt-slave, you owe me. Lots of countries you’re indebted to, if you want to think about it in your terms. No one owes you anything, you deserved worse than the holocaust, and the last 70 or so years of American history only prove that definitively.

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