We have to whisper on the internet for a reason, it’s because the Christian peoples know something about reality, and there is a revenge impulse by the older religion telling it that they deserve to die if they don’t align with the j e w i s h spirit.

“Why can’t you just tell us the answer, all we want is that, the answer.”

Only God has the answer. I give you approachments to that. “In ZogLand you’re a failed shop.” In actual reality you see through the lies of zogland.

“What do you mean you only want to understand Being?”

People are easily bribed. They never admit it so there’s no history, and yet you can sense it. “If I get the pay then it must be good what I’m saying.” Poor zogling, you only say what you’re supposed to say.

“I’m not controlled.”

You wanted to know a “solution” though, outside of killing, that could bring the Christmas spirit to our lands again?

The answer is that God is Real.

No paper currency, public opinion, regulators of bots in the digital sphere know the meaning of this.

The meaning?

If you want whites to die you are only a type of nigger.

What does Jewish civilization look like? Conning goys into charity? You need charity you nigger?

HAHA You are a nigger.

“I need to spend lots of funds so people don’t think I’m a nigger who deserved the holocaust.”

You didn’t? Justify that, it’s the only way to prove you aren’t what you are.

Look at these white women who let 20 strangers ejaculate in them every year until they’re in their 30s, settling down, and wondering why 100% of males see them as putrid whores who no one would ever love.

Jews only want this to happen in goy societies. They want to use their manipulative strategies to cause disorder. “Basketball, good for our money.”

You want to change society, then recognize that most people in the world have only the ability to coordinate sportsball games or play sportsball games because they live on that level of karma.

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