Get rid of whites only means, Whores all die alone without exception, Jews burn in Hell, and Niggers are animals so they never will ever know Hell. All three types of nigger. Get used to it. Eastern European slavs, total niggers. How can we expect a “vote” if all these subhumans live in this country? You have no souls, whores, kikes, niggers, and all the rest. You don’t deserve a vote, democracy only works when people with actual souls can vote, like white males. Are you mad? Are you mad that you aren’t a human being? You can never do anything to mend that besides try to scapegoat people who tell you you are worthless, and less than nothing, a nigger.

Whores all die alone, Jews are pieces of shit, black and browns are lazy and live in huts. Respond to that, leftists, unless you’re niggers yourselves? I think I determined what you are. Can you say the word? It seems that’s what you are. No soul, and nothing can save you.

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