You let 20 strangers, during the time of one year, ejaculate inside of you, until you were in your thirties, and now you want to settle down. Whore, you are worthless. Not even a loser would recognize your existence if he wasn’t desperate for any old hole. That is 90% of what feminism is, trying to convince people that rancid holes have any value. They don’t, find a cashier to tell you that you deserve love. You won’t be able to, hence the quiet misery that you try to impose upon others to normalize it. Disgusting whores, no one will ever love you, only animals will bang you from now on, all part of globalism. “I will rise above that.” I doubt it you worthless whore. Prove me wrong, I bet you can’t. Alone forever, for the cause of globalism, that’s you, sickening whore.

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