Nothing racist about this (necessarily)

More discrimination

Switzerland is really prominent don’t you think?

So I’m guessing they’re not farmers, because you can’t make too much money selling food. “Call it a hunch.” I always hear about Swiss bank accounts, is this like the merchant capital of Europe? I know you’re wondering, because you’re one of “those people” – only upwards of 28,000 Radhanites there. What about that “Zug” up there? Population of 30,000. I know you’re getting ideas, and I don’t think you should think that way, because stereotyping is not civilized. I’m just looking for “master races” of Europe, and I know Jung lived in Switzerland, and if there was a statistic I could find that showed me a map of concentrations of Jungs I’d post that instead.

One symptom

We were paid a six-figure salary to teach Muslim princes, Hindu billionaires and Jewish corporate kids at an international middle school of students aged 11 to 14 in Zug

Anyway, can’t expect it to be “farm country” with a GDP like that. Higher-order activity = more money. At least ideally. Nuclear physicists probably don’t make the most money out of any profession. Just an ordinary, provisional way to estimate a person or country’s value in general.

Intrissting statistic

Honestly, I’m just looking for a place with a high concentration of people who have nuanced things to say because I find Americans incredibly dull. Is a GDP chart going to show me that? No, it could possibly help. Why is Ukraine so poor? For all I know there could be a bunch of hermetic theologians over there, can’t expect them to earn very much.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to find something like this?

“Hidden away”

Something like this can only give us an idea

It reflects a faculty of abstraction. That’s arguably one of the most “human” qualities, ability to think abstractly. As you see above with Switzerland, that abstract thinking might be used for money-grubbing, and I don’t really find those kinds of people meaningful to talk to.

Kinda mean to say, pretty much the cogs of humanity here

Unthinking machinery. Arts and humanities might be an exception, I’d have to look more closely at that. Is that mean to say? Greetings from the kindness website.

Meh, not easy to find ethnographic statistics on “reasoning” abilities and related synonyms.

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