Thinking about this article on Alfarabi again. It’s reminiscent of the worldview of the Chabad, and there isn’t much material like it to find out there, maybe something to do with how it makes people angry. Unless you acknowledge the realities they speak of you’re never going to have an ideal government, and thus ideal citizenry.

It started out as a meme to me, like most things, and the division of society is only something that I’ve confirmed every single day for years now, and in my mind there’s no doubt about it anymore, it isn’t a mere “idea” that doesn’t apply to humanity. It’s a form of karma where people are born without much mental activity. That has to be acknowledged in order to improve them. They essentially pollute opinion because everyone’s voice is regarded as having the same value. Phenomenologically, when you listen to someone talk, and you have too much sympathy and empathy, that affects your understanding of the world if you take their opinion to be valid, because you appropriate their perspective out of pity, and subsequently you join in their karma which only allows them to see a dim picture of the world. Priests don’t tell you that they can determine what level someone is at after a couple sentences of talking. Let’s put it this way, the stereotypes about Americans around the world of being fat and disgusting slobs are accurate, it’s just this also applies to the mental dimension. They tend to not be able to rise above the plane of gossip, inconsequential chatter, I don’t need a neurophysiology study to show me that most do not mature cognitively after high school, especially women. There’s an enviable side to this, because they’re so easily entertained. Wouldn’t you want to be a bundle of joy? People who have big grins on their face as they walk around an amusement park with cotton candy, except with the cheapest concepts, pseudo-art, political observations, etc. Another thing I don’t need a neurophysiology study to know is that kids are impressionable. The hoi polloi don’t need to have the frivolous interests that they do, because theoretically if they have the right experiences as children then they will not turn out to be the kind of inane people we see everywhere today. Ha I just found an ebook on a related subject and I’m not even going to link to it because it just angers people. Oh no, the rabble disagrees with me, and all the sages of history are on my side, looks like I’m going to have to adjust my views so they accord more closely with the righteous chosen rabble. “Just link the ebook.” Nah I can relate to the Chabad in being secretive.

I unironically want to talk with someone like this

Someone with cosmic rather than merely cosmetic preoccupations. I noticed that Jewesses don’t tend to be too bright, must have sexual dimorphism like we do, finally something I can see eye to eye with Jews on, mindless babymachines to deal with.

I guess there’s a touch of color there

Look at that, she’s gorgeous

Trust me, I know a thing or two about that

“Angering people”

“That isn’t about YOU, it’s about Swedish women.” Yeah and I’m telling you that I in particular know what gorgeous means.

Maybe the way I talk sometimes could be characterized as gluttonous and thus ugly, eh someone has to say it. What does it say about you that you read this, swine?

They strive to maintain a relativistic perception, a blurring of boundaries, and this manifests in the moral sphere as a relativism of good and evil, evil is more easily forgiven, and in many cases during this kali yuga of ours it is even lauded. In fact I would say it’s the norm to be an at least slightly evil person, from a perspective of strictness. Ketman is an evil practice, for instance, a necessary evil, the copers will say.

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