Hodos dropping the truth serum bombs

we will not give them peace until they acknowledge our international super-government openly, with humility.

He and Laitman remind me of that western voodoo practitioner Michael Bertiaux (also a kabbalist). The Muslims have superstition about certain people calling forth Djinn–demons–and while Bertiaux is explicit that that’s what he does, these other two give me that same sense without directly saying that’s what they do. These are three different kinds of “secret society”. It doesn’t have to be anthropomorphized as “demon”. You can see it as a force or current. It’s a breakaway from theology as well as consensus reality. It’s an objective reality of its own. I’ve yet to find much material on demonology from kabbalistic texts proper. Qabbalistic texts on the other hand, that’s a different story. Remember that Chabad library that the Russians keep from the NYC group? I suspect that there might be something like that in there. As my mind cares less about politics this is where it drifts to.

Show me more of a master perspective than what Hodos offers

then we replaced the ruler with a caricature of the government – a president taken from the crowd, from among our creatures, our slaves

He was selected by the leader of the Chabad, so one might think conspiratorially about this – here’s the story they tell us anyway

He could be a psyop for all we know. Given their hegemony, which one has to admit has its admirable side, I wouldn’t put it past them to be capable of this. For now I’m trusting the narrative that he’s their enemy, as he’s only shown signs that this is the case. He seems to be on the same thought-wave as Laitman in seeking to universalize kabbalah, it’s just he’s more intense. Have you read him? It’s the consciousness of the overlords right there for all eyes to see.

I’m such a cloud hermit with all this stuff, I wonder what my girlfriend’s parents will think of me this Christmas. Haha, me having a girlfriend, that’s a good one. That’s the main way they keep you from thinking and talking about this stuff. Get too far away from consensus reality… People talk about renouncing the world.. this is how you renounce the world, I don’t see the Dalai Lama doing this. This world needs to be renounced in order to create a new world. I’ve truly set people up for the new world and they’ve mostly demonstrated that they are the very creatures of the world in which I speak.

You can consume their deceptive products or you can go right to the source with Hodos. The initial quote above, about acknowledging their control with humility, is the option most prefer, if only implicitly.

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