You continue to be Jews and jew-owned operatives, and never mention anything about someone who disagrees with you. You can’t deal with someone telling you it’s doubtful that the history of jews warrants an israel? Why can’t you answer that question goys? Jews? Why haven’t I ever seen an answer to this? You don’t have one? Poor rabble goy and merchant jew who no one would care about the deaths of, so sad. If you all were killed by non-bioleninists the world would be better. Yet you prefer merchants, whores, subhumans. “So what if we do?” Look at yourself and ask that question. You are an animal and no one cares about hunting animals and killing them. “I have so much money though?” Which you use to brainwash people so they never criticize you? Your death is not consequential. Once we kill you the world will be better.

Mention something about those who disagree with you. You can’t, because that’s what a kike or kike-slave can do, that’s it. You can’t disagree.

Bankers never did anything, only managed money, while whites created civilization, and now kikes are using their money to eliminate people who question their methods. You’re a “jew”, even saying that word says it all, that’s why they ban it, you’re the same as a nigger, someone who would be living in a hut without whites, nigger.

“Jews aren’t niggers.” – so prove that in casual discussion. Instead you will try to make whites seem like the ones you are. You live in our society you niggers. If you all were shot in the head we could only expect good things to happen after. You are stopping us from progress because you are a nigger who learned how to engineer capital without doing anything to prove you are worthy of being leaders. Total niggers, you were kicked out of how many societies now? Answer that question to show that you are not that. You can’t because you are, a nigger. No one will care when all of your race is shot dead and fed to the wolves. Why wait for 2021? We should kill them all before 2020 is over, that is the real Christmas that I seek.

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