Be hurt about it or not, there are other “ideas” we will be getting to eventually. Only real white people will understand. Sounds funny because I’m part Med, nonetheless, this is my idea of fun. Why can’t they accept jesters laughing at them? Then ban those and you refuse to laugh at them too? You are part of the parody of people who only strive for capital, a jewish slave. “I want to bilderberg” – no, you are only seeking to ingratiate yourself with those who control most of the population’s minds, oy, wait, how was that part of the script where the goyim tell us we have no answers to the questions they ask? You tell me false-god yahweh known as the usurers that have no idea to respond so they seek the destruction of those who question them. You have no response, that’s why you’re a kike! All you have is ad hominem and distraction, no direct response. You have no idea what you even understand, no wonder you have no answer you kike. Look at you, what have you done besides be hated in every country you’ve lived in?! What? Do you have any answer, or do you have to pretend you do have one without saying it. If you had one you’d say it, where is it? You are a dumpster kike, if you were all surrounded and killed there’d be an improvement in the world, no disgusting jews who have no direct response and have to resort to yhwh methods, unless you want to disagree publicly your thoughts on 109? Tell me about that. Instead, you are just a cog-prog of theirs, no self-awareness, one of the reasons for 110 which has happened again in our time. This time, why let them be the same people in another country. Better to finish them off forever, given they do that to us today. Bankers vs. those who have to live in a society and know bankers are only doing us wrong outside of it. White people patch, the most beautiful people in the world who invented civilization despite the bankers’ parasitism throughout it all. Those white people everyone wants to disappear, they must be some sort of rabble if they want that to happen. Exploiters of people who care about the spirit rather than gathering capital because you are afraid of being kicked out of another society again. Kikeocracy is the way to describe the time we’re living in. Sad Jewish people.

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