Dugin’s latest on COVID, Biden, etc. is probably worth reading, heh

“Heh”, I meant to say “HA HA HA”, what did 2% of people do that? If anything they used the lockdowns to solidify people more into their echo chambers – nothing to do, might as well consume more state-owned media than ever and spend more time than ever with my “free” social media pals. Anyway, all this stuff I link to I wish I learned in school, so I’ve taken it upon myself to learn it on my own, and as much as it annoys people, I find this genre in particular fascinating

Chief rabbis throughout history, country by country, would be good to know- here’s one. The other day I mentioned seeing that in 1589 there was a bloody revolt caused by “contaminated coins”. You know our Federal Debt? I try to keep our contemporary economic system in mind when studying this stuff. I’m just a dabbler in econ, maybe an expert can tell me if I should feel suspicious about the fact that one of the main “people” that we owe is banks in the Caribbean Islands. Just lots of evidence of money-laundering (and ETC.) going on there so it’s conspicuous to me that they’re up there near China.

Something else that happened in 1492 was the end of the Reconquista. Were the Hyksos better able to flourish under Islamic rule? Maybe the two goys, Christian and Muslim, take turns waking up? Because there’s plenty of material in the New Testament to warrant revolts of the kind I have in mind, that would be seen as “untimely” today. So it’s possibly less to do with the respective sacred texts themselves, and more about the hermeneutics involved, and the historical context of crisis or relative peace. Are we in a financial crisis now? No, they keep people to content to care about that. They utilized the riots this year as a release valve that we could’ve used on them. There’s probably neuro-emotional cycles to this that they have down to a mathematics. And yet, I like to ride my viking ship around Europe, and people like to climb aboard nonetheless for a journey to Israel to do some investigating there. Sometimes we go to Russia too, we go everywhere, not everyone is content with the standard story America tells them.

The 1492 expulsion is most emphasized out of all of them, and you never hear about the fate of the Hyksos after that. Did they do the same thing somewhere else? Half of them were accepted by the Ottomans, and this is how the latter are frequently portrayed

“Defenders of Human Rights and Freedoms”, “Guarantors of National and Confessional Minorities”, “Rescuers of oppressed and deported peoples.”

The Ottomans thought the Spaniards were fools for kicking the Radhanites out, they saw it as an enrichment of their country to invite them. So why aren’t they living there anymore? Did they eventually realize the Spaniards were right? Returning hundreds of years later to today, it’s a telling sign that the Turks help the Israelis cause chaos in Syria, while most of the population there is anti-semitic – seems there might be a crypto-government there once again working at the detriment of the people. Speaking of a “Great Reset”, WW2 was one of those, where Jews were given a clean slate to start over. The reality is that they used that blank-slatism that was instituted then in order to even more cunningly continue what they’ve always done. I’d like to buy these narratives I have to sort through that portrays them as persecuted, then all I have to do is see how an average Jew of today speaks, and I instantly doubt the history they tell us, dear fellow white people. They promise the women equalism to get them on their side, they promise POC equalism to get them on their side. And what is the reality of this? The same old Jewish tricks. And what they treat as “equals” is really all the vices of these groups of people being normalized. They get all the irrationals on their side to use against the actual minority of white males. They use false promises just like YHWH uses on them. “You’re going to be a true citizen.” No, these are all creatures of chaos who need to be subjugated by the rational caste for the good of society overall. Just a monday morning rant for the hopeless robots.

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