Why Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake- Farrell has his own theories about that

At Bruno’s final trial the one book that was singled out to justify his execution was The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast – Farrell interprets it as a critique of “Yahwism” – he’s a writer between the lines, careful to emphasize the evil of goys while throwing hints here and there about such and such.

For the Calvinist cladistics folder?

This is eighth-circuit activity. Alleging that there is a more permanent divinity above Yahweh. That Hodos traitor admits himself that protestantism has been used to cause destruction. Honestly, one of those days where I don’t care if America burns because it’s already a DEAD COUNTRY. I’ll continue to write to a worthless corpse though I guess? I can shout about Yahweh being a subordinate god in the divine rangordnung all I want, it doesn’t matter if only a minority is able to cross over to the other side. For most, Yahweh is the permanent king of the gods. You’ll be seeing sooner rather than later that this is false when the US experiences the fate of the USSR. Only then, after total collapse. We’re just in limbo-collapse now that only a few can decipher the true causes of. It isn’t the ones who are alive now that will be the most symptomatic signs of Yahweh’s false claim to divinity, it will be the ones born after. It’s too subtle to be recognized now, eventually it will be blatant. You think people are bad now, kids are going to be growing up to be a lot worse. And that will all take place in a world where Yahweh was seen as the king of the gods. They’re not going to be growing up with fathers, feminist women are simply too repulsive to want to be around, they’ll be getting knocked up and abandoned because no one wants to be around narcissistic whores. And those kids will be raised by these same women, and thus they’re going to turn out to be dysfunctional citizens. And that will all be on Yahweh’s watch. It already is now, it’s just on the way to being worse. To be a doom-sayer, it’s probable that there won’t even be people there to recognize the problem with all this because they will be products of the same forces, so Yahweh will remain the god of the country. Interestingly, Bruno also goes back to Egypt, noting that that’s the original source for what was thought of as the ur-God of his time.

Was Calvin an establishment shill like the kind we see today?

Promote the shill, burn Bruno, the rest is history.

You’ll find lots of tinfoil in Farrell, I just scroll through that until I find this kind of gem

This is top-tier theology and hermeticism that can’t be spoken about today. 400 years later, same kinds of power-structures, same kinds of dissidents. Heidegger’s ground of Being is another sort of philosopher’s stone, Nietzsche’s will to power as well, which the Nazis to varying degrees intuited without need of intellectualizing.

The people of today don’t want to fight in the war in heaven against Yahweh because they’ve already signed their souls away to his system. It’s too late to save them, that’s their identity, to see as the highest good being his avatars of destruction. It’s manipulation on two levels- divinity and morality. They can never alchemically dissolve the Divinity in their own minds, hence they can never shift their understanding of what “the good” means. Collapse of society at the behest of a hidden god, through the controls of an evil priesthood.

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