Theological concepts that translate to economics

the sacrifice-debt interpretation of creation

In order to fight the banksters we need to alter the most fundamental idea about reality, anyone with that ambition reading this?

I’m going to have to go to Cairo so I can study both Allah and Thoth. Those are extant models of alternate interpretations of Creation.

That covenantal “contract” survived into Christianity too, if you think of the way that people say “Jesus didn’t die for that…” like you owe him for his sacrifice, you’re indebted to him. Have faith in YHWH and He will pay you his debt eventually. Sacrifice for Him, and He will pay you back. It’s an economic language. The prominent debt owed today is the promised land. Not only are we made to think that we owe them that, we’re supposed to owe them our independence. We’re supposed to them submission to their interpretation of Creation. We’re supposed to owe them Authority on the most fundamental things. We’re supposed to pay them back for what we’ve supposedly done to them. The most sinful evil of our times is “white supremacy” and we’re indebted to them and the world to eliminate it. So what does that supposed debt consist of anyway? I’m reminded of that Smithsonian exhibit, usually they’re not that honest about exactly the kind of debt they want us to pay

You are indebted to pay with objective, rational linear thinking, that’s the real meaning of the anti white supremacy ethos. Do you feel you need to pay that debt? I don’t. Seems anyone who wants me to pay that is beholden to a false god, or in our secular language, has a misguided understanding of reality. There’s no reason to “pay” to get rid of that. “You need to pay for your sin of that.” I think people who demand that are pathological, and it would be best for them if they re-examined their beliefs about “Creation” i.e. the most fundamental ideas that guide them. Because from my perspective there’s absolutely nothing that would indebt me to sacrifice objective, rational linear thinking, what they call white supremacy. Crazy people who aren’t objective and rational themselves.

I’m going to be reading more of Bruno

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