I have to hand it to you, if you’ve survived til now, that you’re a surprisingly impressive person. White males, they can’t pat themselves on the back because I expect them to be unfazed by lots of this. Anyone who isn’t of that type, good, now you have some idea of the dimensions of an ideal government, what kinds of mental barriers that need to be leapt over to understand that. This is good for a true democracy. Usually these kinds of ideas are only talked about among a minority and purposely kept from the rest of the people. I can understand why they would do that, the scapegoat-mechanism is a structural reality in the minds of many and one can’t get away with what I’ve called “gluttonous” speech without consequences. And is it really excessive? I don’t think so, because like I said, this is a relatively normal if somewhat lofty form of conversation for certain castes of humanity, and it isn’t “excessive” in that context, it’s only good fun. A lot of people don’t see it as fun, they see it as suffering. Alfarabi really says it all, for the tenth time I suggest reading him and people who write about him if you also find the genres I discuss to be “fun”. You wouldn’t know in real life, because bringing up certain ideas will get you ostracized, from your job for instance, so you’d never know “who” you would be able to talk to and laugh about this stuff. The division of society, the deliberate implementation of slanted truths, historiographical subversion, Axial Age wisdom’s hovering over today’s world and judging it, all these kinds of things, the necessity of some form of slavery cough cough, the slavemasters of today being the improper caretakers for such a task, this is what I call fun, talking about these subjects. If we’re going to live in a feminist multicultural hellworld then it’s good if women and POC can contemplate these kinds of ideas without freaking out in revenge, and I know it’s still difficult for many to do that, and yet you’re here so I think you’re an impressive person. This is the real kind of thing we should be exporting to 2nd and 3rd world countries, it’s an accelerated education that involves extra suffering. I said it. If you want them to learn faster then some kind of torture is necessary. You’re just a masochist if you feel tortured by me, I never forced you to visit this site. We live in a decadent age so I don’t claim to understand Plato myself entirely- what I do understand, I try to give others a clear picture of, I want them to be able to see through the eyes of a philosopher-king. Most don’t want to see that. The chabad and their secular counterpart has some awareness of this type of perception, so I try to give you an idea of how they think as well. Hate me for trying to show you that, I don’t know what to tell you. This is how it’s always been. Usually they don’t want you to know, hence the secrecy of the “cathedral” and the chabad. This is some idea of how they think, and if you’ve survived til now then there’s a chance that you have as much a claim to power as they do. One of the reasons they’re secretive is because they think people can’t handle the truth. If you can handle it then that just means that you’re their equal and thus the question arises why they control the world and you don’t. So here we are, judging “them” for ourselves. You can’t do that unless you take on a similar perspective, otherwise you’re below them looking up- we try to either see eye to eye or look down on them from above. This will not make a lot of people happy, a lot of people will freak out about it. If you’ve managed not to get hysterical then I count you as my friend, and even the hysterical ones maybe I’ll count as my friend if they’ve learned not to react emotionally and thoughtlessly.

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