I wonder if I’ll ever get over the delusion that all my misanthropic diatribes were wrong and that people do actually have value. It’s a self-deception I have to convince myself of everyday. Are friends a myth? Is it just me or do people not have friends? “No, that’s just you.” I haven’t had a friend for seven? years now? And even then. I guess we had moments. No one in my life who understands me for years. Is there an “ordinary underworld” I don’t know about where people say whatever they want with their friends IRL and only discourse in symbols online so nothing is recorded? Or do they act that way with friends too? Are they really your friend if you self-censor with them? That seems dismal, and I expect that’s the reality. No one understanding each other, no friends. What is the meaning of life? If you don’t have at least one person who understands you it seems like the meaning of life isn’t there. It’s like even if you’re walking in the park with someone or in the privacy of your own home you have to have a Jew there listening to make sure you’re not saying anything they wouldn’t like. Tell me how I’m wrong. What a sad life that must be. “We don’t even need the NSA!” Everything down to the soul is controlled, and no one cares. Given 1000 opportunities to say something against the System I speak of, 1000/1000 times people will say something against me instead. “You can’t say anything about the system, we like it, and if you say anything against it, we’ll say something against you.” Not ever exaggerating, it’s probably a lot more than 1000/1000 times, I lose track, just years of seeing enslaved symbologists who have to praise the system of control even if no one is watching who could get them in trouble, they do it because they genuinely want to. They have been taught that unless you forgive every vice there will be another holocaust. That idea of millions dying lurks in their mind subconsciously. Pointing out that Jews naturally tend to be bad people who you wouldn’t want living in your country, same with dumpstersluts, and the different ape species who we taught English, any kind of implication that they remind you of second-class citizens, that could lead to some kind of fatal event, this is implicit in Holocaustianity. Thus we let them do what they do, making society worse for everyone who isn’t a second-class citizen, because judging them is the first step toward genocide oy!! And so all the vice of the world is allowed to exist without question. I question it. I happen to firmly believe that killing a bunch of people would result in a better world. I’m happy that I’ve normalized treating whores like a piece of trash, happy I’ve normalized the idea of killing Jewish people, because all these different abominations being allowed to exist in their sin without question only normalizes their behavior in the minds of children. You corrupt children I’ll kill you and I won’t think twice about it. Brutally, with a brick to your skull, and I’ll probably be drooling as I bash your brains in.

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