Found a better version of that KGB foreign intelligence chief’s first-hand account of the Iranian Revolution. He was there from 1979-1983.

This is counter-intuitive for the way they’re portrayed to us

Do they have a history of theatre in the MENA countries? Whether before or after the advent of film? If they were reading Aristotle as early as 550AD maybe they also had translations of Aristophanes and the like? I wonder if they have dramatic responses to Aeschylus’s Persians! “That’s not the real story.” And then apply this same logic to plays involving more recent wars. Theory isn’t sensuous enough to provide escape from the mind-control, only art can do that, we’re beings of emotion. Even the hyper-rational spergs need more than theory.

Remember this movie?

I’m looking for non-american perspectives on the revolution. This KGB account is pretty good so far. Obviously I want to find an Iranian behind-the-scenes account of the “chimpout against the cathedral” (as I see it).

The Shah’s intel service was known as SAVAK. That was ousted by SAVAMA. VEVAK. Different alphabet agencies now. I want to find books by these people. Argo was based on a book written by a CIA agent- that can only contain a partial truth.

From that KGB chief

there are documents more interesting than those of the Americans

And yes, before you ask, I unironically want to be part of their team. Iran is a Nazi stronghold as far as I’m concerned. Look at the name itself, “Iran” means “Land of the Aryans”. I wonder if there are any non-dunecoon women there as well given that western women tend to have the refinement of “polished trailer trash”. Know their place, believe in God, wow, where are women like that here? The west lives in such confusion that this is a reality. God is dead, and the slaves are taught to believe they’re gods themselves. If anyone is a god, it’s me, and that’s a fact Jack, no matter how many of the subhumans dogpile me they all know the truth. Fan me with ferns, wear jeweled bikinis and handfeed me delectable treats, I’ll be waiting for you to arrive.

Anyway, it looks like that KGB agent can only show us so much about the current intel situation in Iran

You have to distinguish types of intel, because I’m not looking to listen for US-backed terrorists or Mossad whisperings from intercepted walkie-talkies. There must be a secretive Alfarabian group. Maybe they’re right out in the open in one of their universities, I haven’t found one yet. Because the question of whether Alfarabi was truly a pious Muslim is up for debate. Was he more of a Platonist at the end of the day? So I’m looking for a group of crypto-/Platonists over there who discuss realpolitik about the US and Israel. It might even be an NGO that influences their government. These are the kind of people I want to be around, that would be advantageous for intellectual development generally. This is why I laugh when I see public spooks referring to their work as “intelligence”, because it’s more accurately “information”, information-gathering. The reality is they’re state bureaucrats steeped in prog hogwash- while they do “know things”, what they don’t know is how to stop being part of the regime. Iranians are naturally not part of our regime. Thus I want to locate the brain. People who “know things” in both senses. Slowly slowly figuring out the right questions to ask in order to think outside the state. If you want to do that, call it a hunch, you probably need to find people who live outside the state. A very particular kind of people who the state sees as enemy #1. And from there an even more particular kind of people within their ranks, the Farabians. I wonder if there’s an obscure, say, 19th century thinker who interpreted Farabi and took it further than him, who inspires them, and who they apply to present geopolitics. The American Founders never would have expected one of their citizens to have to think about all this in a million years, and imagine the paltry state of our ignorant spooks and inherently demotic NGOs, what kinds of “patriots” are they, they’re a million years away from this “strategy of liberty” too.

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