Link for the FRS suspecters

I often see Cuba among the few named too, it’s probably symptomatic that we never hear anything about Cuba. Maybe something to do with being so close to us geographically, can’t keep them abstract, cause people to wonder if other ways of life are possible.

The globalists sincerely believe that they have the Absolute Truth, and they force everyone to believe it. In the very unlikely chance that they’re wrong (lol) it would be well-advised to figure out which countries they haven’t shown the light of their Absolute Truth to yet. Because in case the imperialists are wrong, we can’t risk all of the world believing a truth that is not absolute, thus we need to find extant “uncontacted” remnants to frisk for perspectives that may turn out to be more absolute than the ones being foisted upon them.

Is one (or a few) of these “the” brain?

Think of it like learning a language. The native speaker who grew up speaking anti-semitism, excuse me, Persian, is always going to have a more natural way of talking than someone who learned it as an adult. “No, it’s pronounced ____.” Do tell! Catch my drift? Certain thought-crimes are more instinctive for them. In some cases they’re “thought-laws” over there.

Please tell me this is what I think it is

Apparently the Scots set up lodges there

They united many intellectuals, philosophers of that time from all over the Middle East

Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt

the Freemasons argue that there are still lodges in the underground, as in other parts of the Middle East

I’m more looking for the Sufi equivalent of this though, given the connections between freemasonry and zionism.

I’m trying to sharpen my image of the world. “Your heart needs to glow more, that’s how you do that.” No no no, no thanks. Reinforcing beliefs that align with every corporation, every university, every celebrated public figure, every publishing house, is not the way to sharpen one’s image of the world. You are lying to yourself if you think that’s how it works. If you do that then you are getting duller. “I don’t care if I’m dull, it makes life easier.” I’m glad you finally admit what your excuse is.

I wonder what we could learn from Sufis

As with many other secret orders, mysterious initiation rituals were developed in the tariqas. There are groups that have managed to survive to this day. The largest of them are Shaziri, Kadiri, Nakhshabandi and Tijani.

The intersection of Sufi meditativeness and the critique of the western ideological and banking systems I’d like to see.

Recently I found some Russian cultural scientists who specialize in the emerging field they call “Elitology” – study of elites – link to a book on that here. I’m trying to find these kinds of people in MENA and Central Asia. Mystics that channel God, we can use them as a weapon.


for a secular person, various trends in Islam represent a kind of terra incognita

Especially the political side of it, otherwise it’s kind of just extreme Catholicism.

Look at this connection

The Syrian ethnic Alawite minority, from which the Assad family descends, is a further development of the Shia Sufi alawiyya tariqah.

One of their main enemies is a Sufi?

sheikhs and clerics are keen to keep the details secret, both to external forces and even to some Alawite followers themselves

This is too much, this can’t be true

Researcher and academic Muhammad al-Ahmad said that the best way to understand the Alawite way of thinking is to regard it as an attempt to link Islamic religion with Greece philosophy.

Place where Alfarabi died – Damascus.

Some of the people they hate the most in all the world

Another one like this, the Druze

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