I wonder if anyone’s scanned these and uploaded them to the internet

many Druze know very little of their faith.

Only a limited number of esoteric men and women called uqqal (“the enlightened”) are permitted to study the religion’s six holy books.

Maybe a Platonist religion survived somewhere? The Druze have pretended to be Muslim or Christian depending on what would prevent them from being persecuted. Originated in Egypt. So… is Socrates just standing on Israel’s border mocking them or what? That’s what it seems like.

18/24 of their sacred texts are lost, hidden, or destroyed. I’m gonna go with “hidden”.

I started the day thinking it’s futile to even look for people like this and, what can get better than this? Platonists on the border of Israel?

I wonder what this is about


You never would have expected anyone remotely like this during all the fearmongering about terrorists.

A different number of books…

I thought the Coptics and Hakka were interesting – you can’t beat living esoteric Platonists, especially considering where they live of all places in the world!

The Mossad must have those books somewhere. “Yeah we keep em with our Chabad books that you’ll never see.”

Such a strange set of characters in this story.

We want to know all of their secrets

They want you to think they’re all Sunnis over there

Ahh this brings some clarity about the Sunni Saudis’ problem with the Syrian regime

The top of the Saudi kingdom believes that a country with a predominantly Sunni population cannot be governed by a representative of another confession.

“AOG”. So wait, they don’t mind if all of MENA is ZOG then? Smells like bribery. Desert peasants struck oil and all of a sudden their faith doesn’t matter anymore. Iranians, Aryans, have more integrity than those Arabs, or most whites for that matter. What about Alawites, the Druze, the Christians of that region? I’m going to be looking for their books.

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