Reading that the Alawites used to be the untouchable caste (chandala) and the French helped them get into the military, until decades later they couped the Sunnis

Disclosure of sacraments and rituals is punishable by immediate death and reincarnation into an animal.

Were they barefoot and dirty, wandering around like Socrates or?

The Druze are secretive about doctrines even among their own people – I wonder if the Alawites are the same way

I’ve read that Alawite women aren’t initiates though they have more rights than other Muslim women. Whereas there are many women among the Druze priests. So it seems we have a couple esoteric priesthoods here, and we can deduce that the Alawites at least are enemies of the Chabad.

The sacred books of the Druze are written in different colors, and without knowing the meaning of the colors you can’t understand the books.

It’s said that Gurdjieff was initiated in these deserts by “Sufis”, I wonder if it could’ve been by one of these groups.

“Why do you care about them?” Enemies of the Jews, can you say that about any prot sect, the GOP, Moldbergians, all the rest of the ketmanists?

What’s interesting about the Druze is that one belief we do know they have is in dissimulation, which is Socratic. They’re neither Alawites or Israelis, they just do what they need to in order to not get hemlocked by the regime they find themselves in.

Is there a “Druze” element to the American Right?

they can freely talk about any topic, except for the secrets of their religion. With some pressure to find out these secrets, they have a sudden memory lapse or language difficulties arise.

Half of the people living in Golan Heights are Druze, this has to be significant. You always hear about the Palestinians what about these people?

Looks like a breathtaking place, between Israel and Syria

Or, I guess it is Israel now. Or is it? Druze country? This is the same place where that Genie Corp set up shop. I wonder how those dignified businessmen respond to questions asked by Alawites and Druze?

If WW2 taught me anything, the ones demonized and marginalized after that conflict weren’t necessarily the bad guys. So I do wonder about the elites surrounding the zionist entity, the ones emphasized in this post as well as the Coptics, and possibly others–the potential Brahmins of Iran are another mystery for another time.

So what are in these sacred books of theirs? Anyone found them? Decoded the colors too?

Both of these orders believe in reincarnation too, which is eerie given that they are some of the only ones in the world to recognize the Greek philosophers as saints.

Is this a secret Israel has? Just on the NE border there..

The initiation rites follow the rituals of ancient Greece and Egypt.

The Hyksos were seen by the Egyptians as Set, Satan. I wonder if there is a Dionysian, a proto-Dionysian quality to the Druze?

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