I identify as “secular” like anyone who is not part of a cloistered religious cult, even at the core of my being I understand the meaning of “secular”. I also have thoughts and convictions that one might characterize as religious. This is the case for lots of post-prots, if I had to play mind-reader.

Scripture itself is cringe. We recognize that and try to get away from it through various “heresies”. Secular people see themselves as a kind of “chosen people”. I’m not sure if that is true, because scientism, the placement of science at the pinnacle of divinity, is itself something that a cladistic prot would question. Secularism and scientism is the same, secularism masks itself as the new divinity.

Some of us doubt that.

Am I a born-again Christian because I doubt secularism? Far from that. Do I like Jesus? Yeah, he has his flaws, that doesn’t mean I discredit his virtues. Part of the historical cycle we’re in at this time involves an excessive secularism that cannot acknowledge the merits of Jesus. Buddha and Muhammad I can respect in certain senses too, it’s just I grew up in the West so Jesus is more relatable. Are you a secularist, anon? Why is that? What is your scientific proof for that? I’ve looked for years, haven’t found anything that justifies extreme secularism. Moderate secularism, sure.

What inspires these thoughts is reading that the Alawites were neither Christian or Muslim, and that they only chose to call themselves Muslim, because the Sunnis of their country were outraged that non-Muslims controlled the government.

I’m neither Christian or Muslim too, and yet I know who my enemy is. It isn’t Christians or Muslims. It’s a word you aren’t often allowed to even say in Christian countries. Or should we call them Jewish countries?

Muhammad is their main enemy today. The secret societies that learned from Muhammad and emphasized intelligion-increase over the centuries are the main form of Muhammad they want to drone out of existence. Christian whites have already mostly been bombed to death, so they help them kill the other Abrahamic groups that are still out there. I like these Alawites, neither Christian or Muslim, and yet both and more at the same time, and willing to use chemical weapons against the enemy. Are the Syrians the most evil people in the world or are they the most alchemical? Right at “their” border, and their very existence tells them that after their history of usury and counterfeit and funded brainwash, that they don’t really have a claim to the promised land. The existence of Syria is nothing more than saying “YHWH is a fraudulent god”. And by virtue of that, it is a criticism of America which is at present an old testament country. The US is a fraud, Israel is a fraud, all of their promoters have to ban people who question them, isn’t that evidence enough to prove what they are? You’re all operating off the tenets of an obsolete book that you try to hide through capital you didn’t earn. Meanwhile the rest of the world burns because you can’t get over your ego, which is too afraid to accept any of this.

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